Tabletop gaming projects, the RPGbits way.

I’ve had the chance to work with several amazing TTRPG creators on their projects. Here are some of the ones I’m most proud of.

  • Borough Bound

    The redesigned website for Borough Bound showcases the art, music, and lore of each of the distinctive fantasy cities. The full city maps are displayed with all their variations and include navigation to each detailed district map. A custom CMS allows the team to customize each borough, tag and crop music tracks, and organize the borough maps.

  • The Griffonʼs Saddlebag Ledger+

    The canonical compendium of every magic item from the Saddlebag. Powerful search, sort, and filter tools. Patreon integration allows supporters to unlock the entire collection. Individual access codes allows users to purchase specific content through a web store or BackerKit.

  • Questiary

    Powered by a custom monster editor with dynamic calculations and styling that conforms to 5E design philosophy. Search and filter over 200 monsters, and download statblocks, artwork, and tokens. Boss monsters include lore and adventure hooks integrated into the statblock.

  • LegendKeeper

    RPGbits rebuilt LegendKeeperʼs marketing pages and blog with the latest web technologies that will power the next version of worldbuilding software.

  • Czepeku Maps

    Snappy gallery of over 3,500 battlemaps with an immersive viewing mode for browsing variations. Search is powered by 150+ unique tags for finding maps by setting, features, weather, and more. Beautiful, auto-generated social media link previews.

  • Czepeku Sci-Fi

    Interactive gallery of dozens of spacefaring vessels, each with many variations and fully detailed interior maps. Search by tags and preview each ship on top of various animated space backgrounds.